Dr. Huggins discovered that some ailments that dental patients endured were due to their procedure. This was all in a time where doctors were unable to make the connection. They reasoned that if they can’t find a cause then the patient was making it up. The doctors told the patients there pain wasn’t real and that their dis-ease was all in their head. This must have embarrassed and alienated many patience but it was different with Huggins protocol dentist tijuana mexico. He set out to prove that there was indeed a link between the amalgams and harmful dental practices with the ailments were the side effects.

Dentist in Tijuana always stress on the importance of proper oral hygiene. Taking care of your oral health is cheaper and easier than treating whatever complications that may arise. In addition, the effectiveness of modern medical techniques is never 100% guaranteed. This is why many dental clinics in Tijuana are now offering preventive dental services. Take a look at the common preventive services they offer.

Digital X-Rays: Modern technology has now transformed what used to be a time-consuming procedure into an easier, hassle-free process. Tijuana Dentists now have equipment to digitally X-ray your teeth, swiftly and reliably. Preventive digital X-raying allows a dentist to see hidden defects and problems before they become worse.

Digital Intraoral Photography: Benefits of digital intraoral photography are much the same as digital x-rays. They allow much closer and regular observation that can help to spot issues that might crop up. In addition, the digital nature of the photographs makes them incredibly easy to archive, access, copy and transport and for your dentist in mexico to properly evaluate and determine the required treatment.

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